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About Us


Our Achievement

DEBORAH BROWN COMMUNITY SCHOOL ranks among the top elementary schools in the State of Oklahoma. 1DBCS consistently scored high on Academic Performance Indicator (API) and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) reports according to the State Department of Education. As a result of this performance, we recently received the states’ Academic Achievement Award (AAA) that honors schools, administrators and teachers.  DBCS has been an outstanding performer in Tulsa Public Schools District and the State of Oklahoma.

Parental Commitment

The school requires a strong commitment from each parent as a means of assisting their child in meeting the elevated academic and behavioral requirements of the school.  Each parent is required to sign an annual contract with their child’s teacher, representing their joint commitment along with DBCS to assist the child in their academic success.  This commitment from the parents is critical to the school in achieving its noted mission.

Student Population


Our student enrollment of 235 has maximized our facility capacity. We consistently maintain a waiting list in excess of 100 applicants.   We have a diverse student body comprised mostly of students indigenous to the economic and social deprive parts of Tulsa.   Uniforms are required as a part of the strict dress code we strongly enforce.

When you visit our classrooms, you will find our students engaged, on task and learning.  The students readily adapt to the Deborah Brown model of teaching which promotes a highly disciplined environment with extensive concentration in reading and math.

At this mission driven school, it is indeed much easier to focus on that which will enable our students to reach their greatest level of potential while ensuring that they align themselves both with the school’s goals and objectives.