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The Board of Directors provides guidance and supports the school Executive Director in management of the school. All board members are either parents of school-aged children, or active in the community from various professional concentrations. They bring an expanded variety of knowledge and experience from their noted professions to further navigate the School’s operation and growth.


Board Members

Mr. Arthur Presley
Board President
Mr. Brent McQuarters
Vice President
Mr. Kurt English
Board Member
Mr. Joe Williams
Board Member
Mr. Marvin Gipson
Board Member
Mr. Kenneth James
Board Member


Headed by founder and Executive Director Deborah Brown, the administration is committed to helping the students succeed by making sure the academic and social environment of the school meets the highest standards of excellence. Not only maintaining the day-to-day activities of the school, but also by ensuring that students feel welcome and secure, the administration makes certain that students reach their full potential.



Ms. Deborah Brown
Founder and Executive Director
Mr. Harold Roberts
Director of Development/
Public Affairs
Ms. Aisha Brown
Coordinator of School
Mr. Millard Jones


The Deborah Brown Community School staff is dedicated to enriching the lives of their students by instilling in them a love of learning and making sure they have the skills needed in the basic building blocks of education to excel in their schooling and life.

All instructors at the Deborah Brown Community School are certified by the Oklahoma State Board of Education. Teachers must pass background checks and substance abuse tests in order to work at the school.

The School seeks to hire only the most qualified candidates for all jobs, and retain them by providing a challenging, yet fair environment for creativity. Bringing a broad range of training and knowledge to the classroom our teachers are committed to the Deborah Brown model of academic excellence with is primary concentration in reading and math. Those who choose to teacher here completely embrace this model.  Through our recurrent professional development program our teachers are kept on the cutting edge of educational instruction.



Ms. Deborah Brown
5th Grade Teacher
Mr. Chris McCabe
2nd Grade Teacher
Mr. Tyrone Cook
3rd Grade Teacher
Mr. D Todd
1st Grade Teacher
Mr. Lonnie Brewster
2nd Grade Teacher
Mr. Zack Mobely
4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Sharon Taylor
1st/2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Gwynn Grindstaff
Teacher Aid
Ms. Roshawn Marzett
Kindergarden Teacher
Mr. Charles Ivy
Kindergarden Teacher
Ms. Yawnie Knox
Computer Tech/Media Specialist