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What is a charter school?

Charter schools are state-funded schools that offer the best features of both public and private schools. While they have more freedom to develop their own curriculums, charter schools have greater incentive to ensure that students succeed academically because the state may revoke their charter status at any time if students do not perform at acceptable levels. They are independent of the local school district, and as the Oklahoma Charter School Association said, “[They] challenge traditional public education thinking . . . [and] develop educational programs to match the community and to reach a wide diversity of students.” They are also fully accredited and not-for-profit.

What grades does the Deborah Brown Community School include?

Currently the School includes kindergarten through fifth grade. At the School’s discretion, a grade may be added each year.

Who will teach my child?

All instructors at the Deborah Brown Community School are certified by the Oklahoma State Board of Education. Teachers must pass background checks and substance abuse tests in order to work at the school. Your child’s teacher will be a trained professional whose main concern is that their pupils succeed academically and personally. “Charter Schools attract teachers who strongly share the school’s mission and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve it. Charter School teachers and are required to maintain the professional standards established by the school.”

The School seeks to hire the most qualified candidates for all jobs, and retain them by providing a challenging, yet fair environment. Bringing a broad range of training and knowledge to the classroom, Deborah Brown teachers show a supportive attitude toward their students because they are more focused, secure, well-educated and are encouraged to continue their professional development.

What will my child learn at the Deborah Brown Community School?

As the school’s curriculum is based on the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic, your child will learn to read easily, write well and perform basic math functions. Students will be able to read independently and fluently by the end of second grade.

Although the emphasis is on the basics, pupils will also study science, social studies, history and participate in physical fitness. Every classroom is connected to the Internet.

The ultimate goal is that each child will perform at or beyond grade level, measured by teacher assessment and standardized testing. The Deborah Brown Community School requires that each parent sign a contract with their child’s teacher, representing their joint commitment to help the child succeed.

Students will also learn, through an established and enforced set of comprehensive rules designed to minimize disruptions and maintain safety, that they are members of a community and must take responsibility for their actions and respect others. Uniforms are required as part of a strict dress code.

How will I know that my child is making progress?

Each grade has specific criteria for measuring a student’s progress and ensuring that he or she is ready to progress to the next grade. Students also develop a portfolio, which includes items such as tests, worksheets, and special projects. The Deborah Brown Community School uses the same testing methods as Tulsa Public Schools, as well as other recognized standardized achievement tests.

Who operates the Deborah Brown Community School?

Deborah Brown, Executive Director of the School, is a seasoned instructor with over 33 years of experience in education. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education. She has trained under world-renowned educator Marva Collins, as well as having received training in numerous child development courses. She has worked as a special education and elementary school teacher in northeastern Oklahoma.

Ms. Brown founded the charter school in response to the increasing difficulties faced by traditional public schools. She genuinely believes that education can make a difference in any child’s life. Her teaching approach blends warmth and respect for students with a commitment to firm and consistent discipline, and to unwaveringly high standards.

The Board of Directors assists and supports Ms. Brown in running the school. All board members are parents of school-aged children, and are active in the community through volunteer work and service on other boards. They bring a variety of knowledge and experience from their professions to help guide the school’s growth.

What if my child is having trouble with his or her schoolwork?

The Deborah Brown Community School urges parents and teachers to monitor students’ progress closely. In particular, teachers assess students’ reading skills to ensure that they are reading at or above their grade level. If a student is not reading well, the teacher will create a reading improvement program for him or her. The plan will include additional in-school instructional time and possibly after-school tutoring.